Sunday, March 24, 2013

Salon des Vin

Our friend, Jacques, gave us tickets to the wine exhibit on the outskirts of Paris. So, we grabbed our metro tickets and map and headed out to meet him there.

This is one of several huge exhibits where one can taste and buy wine from all over the country. There were more than 600 wineries represented from every region of France. After showing your ticket, you were given a wine glass and that became your entry in and out of the halls. On the metro, we saw lots of people with luggage rollers and suit cases heading for the exhibition hall. It is their time to stock up for the present and also put in orders for next years vintage. In the photo, you can see one guy brought his kid to help him carry the wine around while he tasted.

We tried to find some cheap white wine for Judy but Jacques insisted we at least taste some good wines too. Here Judy is gulping down an expensive white from one of the places Jacques gets his wine. While at the booth, he added another half dozen bottles to his order for the upcoming year. We ended up buying 5 bottles from different areas, but we will still stick to the cheap stuff from the local grocery store.

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