Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Photos Around the Neighborhood

The weather has been a bit shaky lately. There has been some wind and rain but it doesn't last too long. So, when it is nice it is a good idea to stroll around the neighborhood. Here are some photos.

From our front door

View from inside the Cafe Contrescarpe

Looking down Rue Mouffetard

Dancing in the streets

French Karaoke

What have we come to. Zut, alors!

 Fruit stand on Rue Mouffetard

I always have my phone/camera/music/gps/calendar with me, so I'll try to remember to keep capturing the sights.


  1. Sent Brian the link to today's post...his old neighborhood.
    He replied "Miss that city. Move there tomorrow if I could..."
    Still looked familiar to me, too. Sat there in the square having coffee several times the week I was there, while Brian was at work.


  2. Tell me you partook in the Beer Pong on Sunday.

    Keep the photos coming!!

  3. Kim, my only experience with Beer Pong is watching Jimmy Fallon play Betty White on Late Night.

    Linda, thanks for forwarding link to Brian. Glad he got a kick out of it.


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