Sunday, March 24, 2013

Random Ramblings around Town

The weather  has been holding up pretty well so we've been getting "out and about". We had one day when the wind blew our umbrella inside out but that didn't last long. Spring should be coming soon. The weather forecasts have been off every day. This week they are predicting more sun so I hope that are accurate in the upcoming days.
No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Musee D'Orsay. This relatively new museum (converted to a museum in the late 70's) is definitely one of the highlights of any trip here. It is located in the old Gare D'Orsay on the left bank across from the Seine from the Louvre. It was an abandoned train station that was used from time to time as a theater. They set up stands in the lobby for plays. We saw Harold et Maude here in the 70's. It was not very  crowded when Judy, Ann and Pete walked up to the entrance.

Inside, it is really magnificent. It is amazing to see such architecture in a train station, although stations in other places like NYC are known for their architecture too. The main hallway in the middle is used for sculptures and the art exhibits are in rooms on each side of the main hall. There is some construction going on but they have moved most of the well known Impressionists to a new gallery on the 5th floor. There were lots of school kids there on field trips. I took this picture of the main hallway while standing next to the "no photographs" sign. There were signs like that all over but everyone was taking photos, so I succumbed and took a couple myself. This is looking down the short flight of stairs to the main hallway. The exhibits are on either side of this hall.

Near the museum, and all over Paris, was this rack of bicycles that are for rent. Just use your credit card to unlock the bike and off you go. You can leave them at any other rack in the city. We have some in our neighborhood but I'm not sure I'm ready to inject myself into the famous Paris traffic.

After the museum, Pete and Ann treated us to lunch at a restaurant called Le Petit Benoit located on the Rue de Petit Benoit near the St Germain des Pres area. This was a small neighborhood restaurant with lots of locals crammed into not too much space. The waitress was a veteran of many years waiting on tables. She was very friendly in a gruff sort of way, like Durgin Park. The food was excellent as were the 2 1/2 bottles of  table wine we  had. Can you read the menu? Click on it to blow it up.

This is very nice area with lots of charming restaurants and shops. There are photo ops all over the place but here is just a shot looking down one of the side streets. At this point, we are about a block from Blvd St Germain near the Deux Magots cafe. You can actually see some shadows in the photos so that proves there is some sun here from time to time.

At this point we walked up to the Sevres Babylone area and gave the Brundretts directions for finding the Rodin Museum and then finding their way back to the apartment on the Metro. And, I'll be dipped, they actually made it...

A bientot.

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