Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Extreme Ireland Tour

For our first full day in Ireland, Judy booked us on the Extreme Ireland bus tour. This was a long day that left Dublin before 7 am and got back about 7:15 pm. From Dublin, we headed southwest with a stop in Limerick then on to the western coast along the Atlantic, the highlight being the Cliffs of Moher. I have painted this site as a commission several times but had never been there. We left Dublin with a bit of snow but by the time we got to the west coast, the sun was shining.

It was very cold and very, very windy but it was well worth the minor frost bite to take in this scenery. The sun never made it to brighten up the cliffs in the photo above, but looking in the opposite direction had brilliant lights and shadows.

Here are some tourists looking over the edge at the rocks 700 feet below. Reminded me a bit of looking over Horseshoe Bend in Page.

How about this self portrait? I've got Judy's beret pulled down over my head and I couldn't see the image in the camera to tell if we were in the photo. Do we look as cold as we felt?

From there we visited the ancient Corcomrow Abbey, the small fishing villages of Doolin and Kinvara and then made our way around Galway Bay before taking the M7 back to Dublin. A long but very worthwhile day. We got to see a lot of the beautiful countryside and farmland and the spectacular Atlantic coast line. Those of you who have been there can vouch for that.


  1. Beautiful scenery & YES you do look cold!!

  2. I know it is an ugly picture but it speaks volumes for the cold and wind.

  3. Love that photo! I'm cold just looking at you!!
    Your blog is great. Keep at it. So happy to be reading this from my wee kitchen ;)


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