Saturday, March 9, 2013


Packing for a trip like this has been a problem. We couldn't pack too far in advance as we would need much of the stuff we would be packing. That didn't stop Judy, tho. She has been packed for weeks. But has slowly but surely dug into the suitcase to take things out to wear. Plus, I had to decide what and how to pack painting supplies.

We will probably be encountering rain, cold and warmth so we need all sorts of clothes to cover those conditions. At least that is what Judy tells me.  We (?) also need multiple outfits along with the appropriate accessories. If it was up to me, I'd bring a couple pairs of jeans, a sweater and some tee shirts. But this is Paris, after all, and we can't go around looking like a couple of tourists, can we?

We borrowed a large bag from the Brundretts but thought it was too gangly to lug very far, especially up the 4-5 flights of stairs. We scrapped plan A.  So, we went to plan B. We dug up  my old ski bag, cleaned out the mouse poop and stuffed that to the gills along with an extra carry on bag that would be checked. We ended up with 2 bags to check, 2 to carry on and one each for stuff to put under the seat. Judy went on line to check limits and we both got a little scared by their strict limits on sizes of bags. So, this morning, the morning of the flight, we scrapped plan B and went to plan C.

We unpacked mostly everything and jammed the large suitcase with the contents of one carry on plus all the odds and ends we will need in Paris. The bag weighed 53 pounds. We had to shift stuff around to get it under the limit. A lot of the stuff in the big bag is in little bags so we'll be able to lug them up the stairs a few a time if we have to. Shouldn't take too many trips to get everything into the apartment. I hope there is a 6 pack waiting at the top of the stairs.

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