Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Flowers of Chenonceau

The Flowers of Chenonceau

  Today is my turn to blog.  Why?   Because I will never forget the impression Chenonceau made on me some 40 odd years ago.  It was winter and there were roaring fires in many of the grand fireplaces and gregorian chants were somehow being piped in.  It was truly like stepping into a fairytale. Since then I have been lucky enough to have visited this chateau several more times.  Each time I come away with such vivid pictures in my mind...not of furnishings or grand corridors or stately rooms but rather the magnificent flower arrangements throughout castle.  They are artistic masterpieces that pull you into each space.  Let me give you some examples.

You are greeted by this massive arrangement in the entrance hall.

Perfectly captures the tapestry colors in Guard's Room.

White, pristine, spiritual.

This must have been 6 feet tall!
As you can see many soldiers were treated in these halls.
From a distance these look like petit fours but they are floating flowers.
Don't sit in the chair!

                      This last series of pictures shows flowers in the various rooms in the kitchen.         Enjoy.

And finally, Chateau du Tresor.
Au revoir, Judy

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