Monday, March 20, 2017

The Flowers of Chenonceau Revisited

     I was lucky enough to make a second visit to the extraordinary Chateau de Chenonceau last week.  Again I focused on the ever changing flower arrangements.  My understanding is that they are changed  twice a week.  How different could they be?  Well you be the judge.  I may not have found all the same locations but you will see many similar spots.

Enjoy Encore,

Entrance Hall

The Guard's Room

Small Round Room on the First Floor

Diane de Poitier's Bedroom

Louis XIV's Drawing Room

Francois I's Drawing Room

One of the Kitchen Tables

                                                  Bottom of Staircase to Kitchen

Close up of Gorgeous Kitchen Vessel

A Kitchen Sideboard

Colors of the French Flag

A "Budding"Artist!

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