Thursday, April 25, 2013

What does Judy love about Paris? Chapter 1

What Judy Loves About Paris
Chapter 1

I can't believe I can listen to a Gospel Choir in one of the oldest churches in Paris, St. Julien de Pauvre, where hundreds of years ago Gregorian Chants echoed through these very walls.

I find exploring small restaurants with small tables and even smaller chairs such fun.  The word
" petit" is really charming in the french vocabulary   So different from "super sized, jumbo, all you can eat".

I love the color and variety of fruits and vegetables you finds at these markets in all of the neighborhoods. This one is in the Marais.
Nothing makes me happier than stepping out my door and finding everything I want without a car.

Picard is the name of my new secret weapon.  It is a french food store dealing in only frozen food.  Let me tell you this salmon is wonderful!  I hope to try everything in the store before I leave.  I have to walk by The Pantheon to get there. Now that's a bonus. 

Coffee is a wonderful part of my life.  Sitting and sipping for as long as I want at a cafe is one of the best treats in France.  No hurry. It beats a cardboard cup in the car any day.

It's so rewarding to have lunch with good friend Jo and learn so much more about Paris from her vast knowledge of art and Parisian life. 
It's amazing to think about how many people have been warmed by our  beautiful 16th century  fireplace.   The beams the size of trees with all the markings of age fascinate me.  Who lived here?
I love looking out our kitchen window.  I never tire of the church bells ringing and knowing that they have been chiming for hundreds of years and will continue to do so for hundreds of years to come.

To be continued....


  1. Please write more.

  2. Oh Judy, how wondefully poetic. The pictures are perfect! I can hardly wait for the next chapter.


  3. Evie called me this morning to tell me about how much she likes reading the blog, and especially how much she liked reading what you wrote about yesterday. Keep on writing!



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