Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nothing in particular

Curt and Terry Hathaway are here for a while and we've been just taking in the scenery and enjoying Paris.

Walked over the Seine and heard a college band rhythm section banging out a great sound. When we crossed the street from the Metro stop and looked over the bridge to the roadway below and we saw the Paris Marathon moving its way along the river. It was a mile 15. Great scenery along the river.

They were moving along pretty well considering they were more than halfway through the race. Later we saw lots of the runners coming out of the metro stations as they made it back to their apartments in Paris.

We had some rain storms today but they came through quickly and there was sun from time to time. That normally produces some interesting weather. So, I happened to look out our window and caught this sight. I love rainbows. You might be able to see the double rainbow to the right of the main one.

All for now,.


  1. A double rainbow! Excellent! of course read that with a French accent ;)

  2. What neat roof angles and the bonus of a double rainbow.

    Are you curious about who lives in behind the balcony with the rug thrown over it? Do you ever see anyone in the windows across the way?



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