Sunday, April 23, 2017

Arts et Metiers and late lunch

A fun place to visit in Paris is the Musee des Arts et Metiers (Arts and Trades Museum). The museum is housed in a relatively new building and the Abby of St. Martin des Champs. It is a great collection of old equipment, models, machines, measuring devices, etc.

There is a nice model of the Statue of Liberty that welcomes one to the museum.

It was a beautiful day and the trees were blossoming in the rear of the Abby as Jo, Judy and I passed by.

The museum is well organized by trade or use of the equipment. The section on early/modern computers was interesting. It is hard to imagine that something I actually worked with is now in a museum. The disc in the photos was one of the first ones developed to take the place of tapes and cards. I forget what the capacity was but I'm pretty sure it was in KBs. Maybe Jacques remembers. I sent a photo of the disc to my friend Bob from Honeywell days and he had trouble identifying it (the name of the file gave it away).

There was a mock up of the laboratory used by the chemist, Antoine Lavoisier which had a demonstration of how he combined 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen and got moisture to form in a glass container. Very interesting.

Among the models, was this one of the head of the Statue of Liberty. The detail was incredible.

In the Abby section of the museum, the displays are related to transportation. There are several antique airplanes/flying machines as well as this combustion engine that has been cut down the middle to show how it works (I guess that's how it works...)

At the entrance to this section there is a Foucault Pendulum. This is similar to the one in the Pantheon near the Sorbonne.

The visit to the museum gave us an appetite. Jo pointed out that there was a little Chinatown nearby on Rue de Maire so we decided on an early dinner. This restaurant was one of several on the small street. Doesn't it look appetizing?

This display case had a crowd 2 and 3 deep ordering takeout food when we arrived. It had quite a  selection.

It was fairly crowded and there weren't available seats, but we managed to fine 3 together at a table, sharing it with a number of other diners. It was pretty chaotic with a lot of yelling in Chinese and French.

We finally got menus and after asking a few questions of our table mates, ("what's that you are eating?" for example), I ordered the 14, the 42 and 45. Plus here I am enjoying a delicious spring roll.

It was a great way to end a very enjoyable day.

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