Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Day in Paris

The time had finally come for us to clear out of the apartment. We spent some time trying to make sure we could pack everything in our suitcases without going over our limits. We had given some clothes to Sandy and Bonnie to take home for us so we should have enough room.

We got everything jammed into our bags and lined them up ready to take off. Jacques was going to pick Judy up and take her to lunch and I waited to meet with Claudia to return Alexis' keys. 

Judy had done a great job cleaning the apartment and getting it ready for the final inspection. Both Alexis and Claudia had said to leave whatever re-arranging she had done. Claudia liked the little changes Judy had made and we hope that Alexis will too.

So, after turning in the keys, I took the metro to a final class with Patrick where he gave me a quick primer in working with water color. To get to his studio, I would take the train from Cardinal Lemoine to the Gare Austerlitz station and walk from there. We had taken the metro from the Cardinal LeMoine station many times and we would see the same panhandler working his way from the back end to the front end of the train. I wonder if he will still be working the same line next time we are in Paris.

And, finally, no May 1st holiday would be complete without a protest march. So, when I headed to the metro at Place de la Bastille I noticed the police had streets blocked and I could hear the sounds of music and microphones. I asked someone in the class that I was walking with what the march was all about and, after some thought, she smiled and said, "Against the government, I guess!". There are so  many marches it's hard to keep track of what they are for or against.

So, with that, I went down the stairs and took my Last Metro out of town to leave Paris and this adventure of ours would come to an end.


  1. I feel so melancholy that this is ending and yet am so delighted you'll be returning! Can't wait to see you and Judy, discuss your trip, and see what you painted!!

    1. It was a great time which we really enjoyed but it is good to be home. I look forward to getting together with you and the rest of the crew. Thanks for following along...


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